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Susan Smith is an Ocean Engineering Consultant turned Certified International Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner based in Vancouver, BC.

From the powerful energy of the oceans to the energy within and around our bodies, and even our thoughts and emotions, everything is energy. With a background in physics and coastal engineering, solving problems of an energetic nature is Susan’s expertise. An interest ignited during her¬†academic higher education, all in the UK where she is from, lead to a doctorate degree from Imperial College in London in the field of ocean waves. Little did she know that combined with her experience¬†as a consultant in London, and subsequently Vancouver when she moved to Canada in 2006, this would expand into human energy fields.

Blessed with good health overall and enjoying physical activity, being struck by the viral heart condition Myocarditis in 2014 came as a sudden surprise, and wakeup call. It was the catalyst for steering Susan’s life in a fulfilling new direction. Her heart effectively awakend her to the compelling world of energy healing, which helped her overcome, and learn from, her own health issue. Initially encountering the BodyTalk System, she undertook the BodyTalk Access Training as well as BodyTalk Fundamentals and MindScape courses. Susan’s healing journey and fascination with energy medicine then lead her to completing the Level 2 Practitioner Diploma from Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing.

Susan is passionate about facilitating healing for clients with this gentle yet powerful holistic therapy which treats the cause of illness. Always seeking the most effective solutions she adopts a focused problem solving approach infused with compassion and pure intention to release her clients pain and leave them feeling relaxed and revitalised after each session.

Susan lives in beautiful Vancouver where she enjoys the outdoors and being in nature, whether it be walking, hiking, snowshoeing, or cycling in warmer weather. An avid reader and life long learner, she also loves delving into mindfulness and spirituality, and putting it into practice for true joy and well-being.


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