Client Testimonials



I originally went to see Susan for support with my insomnia. After the first session, I felt lighter and within a day my sleeping returned to normal. After my initial positive experience, I decided to return and see if Susan could help with my chronic shoulder injury. I suffered this injury over three years ago and with weekly massage/physio appointments had still not returned back to normal. I fully committed to the process and signed up for the series of 5 energy healings. I truly enjoyed visiting Susan and her calm/caring energy. Each session I could feel my body subtly changing and transitioning. After the first 4 sessions, I knew amazing changes were happening on an energetic and physical level. I returned for the final session optimistic that I could be feeling better. It has now been 3 weeks after my final session and I can feel the differences in the way my entire body feels from my hips, to my rib cage, to my shoulder. It helped realign my entire body slowly and safely. I would highly recommend seeking a treatment for any emotional or physical healing as I have experienced both.

Jennifer, Vancouver BC


Susan is powerful. Susan is a true healer. I received a full course of treatment with her for chronic low back pain. The relief and deep healing I feel not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually is miraculous. I have tried many other types of treatments over many years ranging from regular chiropractic visits to acupuncture and injections but none of these have healed me, only offered temporary relief. Susan has helped transform me by removing blocks so that I can move forward in healing my life. My back pain is gone. I continue to visit her regularly for single treatments to keep my body and soul in alignment. I trust her completely and feel safe with her. I encourage you to receive treatments with Susan. She’ll change your life.

Marisa, Vancouver BC


I have had Bio-energy treatments before but not consistently and not very often. That’s when I decided to do a full course of 5 consecutive sessions. I have always suffered with my digestion since I was young and that was my main concern. I had tried so many other modalities but none that made a huge difference. After 5 sessions, my digestion definitely improved and I too felt more grounded and relaxed. Susan was always curious to know how I was doing and she would always email me to stay in contact and suggest some other helpful suggestions to aid with my digestion. A very eager listener and I felt she truly wanted to help and heal. Now, it is time for a return visit to have my first regular treatment!

Joanne, Vancouver BC


After each of the 5 treatments, I felt more compact, lighter and grounded.  Now I feel lighter and energized.  My health continues to be good and I’m optimistic about the future – I keep making plans and find it easy to follow through on them.  I am no longer “stuck” in the present and unable to move forward.  Thank you Susan!


I recommend your program of Bio Energy to other women who’ve had heart attacks that are unrelated to diet & exercise.

Debra, Vancouver BC


I am so grateful to have found Susan and the investment she makes with the energy work that she does.  I have a trauma history and was in the depths of despair seeking peace and a solution in managing my imposed complex neural stress wiring.  I invested a good portion of work in gaining knowledge about complex trauma and the body and the energy in the body as a result.  I then had the good fortune to find Susan.  My 5 day full course of treatment with Susan was the catalyst to elevate me and bring me back into a space of peace and alignment in terms of the layers of my autonomic nervous system and my connection to the energy and emotion in my body.  I had been at a loss as to how to heal the physiological impact that 16 years of abuse and trauma were having on my life.  The space of peace, respect, dignity and love that Susan encompasses in her practice and state of being has been a true gift to my healing.   When I arrived to her, I was anxious, stressed, heavy, emotional and desperate.  When I completed her treatment, I left empowered, centred, peaceful and rooted in a state of being of security and love.  I always knew about energy in the body but had no inkling that such a formidable and life altering experience would occur.  My deepest and sincere sentiments of gratitude and honour for having the good fortune of encountering Susan and her practice.  I recommend this kind of healing to anyone struggling with emotional/physical/neurological alignment.  She has proven an exponential guide and resource for my optimal recovery in healing me from the fallout of childhood trauma.  Thank you Susan!  Love and Light to you now and always!

Bex, Vancouver BC


I feel light and relaxed. The biggest shift and change I can notice is a change in my emotions, moving through me like I have no memory of happening before. I have had deep insights into my psyche this month and feel excited about the future, the change coming and opportunities ahead. Energetically there has been a real shift.

Nadine, Vancouver BC


I came to Susan with a few issues and we decided to focus on my vitality. My energies didn’t seem to bounce back despite doing all the right things. With Susan’s help I began to feel like my best, bright, energetic self – even better than I’d felt in years. I now have all the stamina I need to live the life I want to. Some other issues improved as well. I highly recommend Susan.

Joanne, Vancouver BC


A few months ago I was having serious pain in my shoulder, my Rotator Cuff had been injured from doing some overly strenuous work and my back was also sore. I then had a course of Bio-Energy treatment with Susan and my problem with my shoulder and back disappeared. I do recommend Susan if you are having some health problems.

Stewart, West Vancouver BC


The experience that I had with Bio-Energy Healing was tremendous for me. Susan helped immensely to unblock energy that was stuck in certain areas of my body. I could feel a shift happening. I sleep better, have more energy, less brain fog and am feeling calmer overall. After each session I felt lighter in step and had a feeling of wellness. I highly recommend these healing sessions as you will benefit greatly from them and will be an awesome experience for you. Thank you, Susan so much for your time and for your help.

Heather, Delta BC


After two sessions of bio with Susan, I found that my mental and physical being highly improved. The down part was that I could follow on with only two more sessions the following year (on her next visit to the UK), when I felt sure that a complete course would be more than beneficial. I felt an enormous benefit after each session and I’m now considering getting in touch with Susan again to continue this treatment by distance, because the bio has given me a true sense of well-being.

Pat, UK


Better than any massage I’ve ever had, and you weren’t even touching me!

Nadia, Vancouver BC


Who needs pain killers when you’ve got Bio-Energy!

Rebecca, Vancouver BC


Everything is energy – Your energy matters!